1. My Reef Tank Is Thriving!

    I met Warren Gibbons through his work at the New Bedford Ocean Explorium.  I quickly recognized his wealth of knowledge, dedication to the marine world and easy, accessible personality.  It wasn’t long before our conversations in oceanography drifted to the welfare of my well loved salt water tank.  Warren consulted and soon developed a plan that would produce a well balanced  microenvironme…Read More

    Wendy Stern
  2. Highly Recommend

    The staff at GIBBONS AQUARIA, INC. has dramatically improved my coral reef aquarium. Immediately, they were able to identify the problems and provide solutions. Their renovation and consistent management has turned my aquarium into a thriving ecosystem. The result is the aquarium I have always wanted. In addition, their use of a 24 hour-a- day monitoring computer has been invaluable to my inves…Read More

    Alan L. Silverman
  3. Consistent and High Level of Service

    Gibbons Aquaria has been with me for 4 years, and provided me with a consistent and high level of service. They are true professionals not only know their field, but greatly enjoy sharing it. From moving my original four aquariums into my new home to re-engineering the life support systems and consolidating them down to two displays, they did excellent work. The difference has been night and d…Read More

    Michael Kauffman, MD
  4. Their standards of excellence are levels above the competition

    The aquarium that GIBBONS AQUARIA, INC. designed and installed puts my old aquarium to shame. The difference is simply night and day. My aquarium is now a source of great pride and enjoyment. Their courteous staff are always on time and show meticulous attention to detail in their weekly maintenance of my aquarium. Their standards of excellence are levels above the competition. -Neal Bocian, Pr…Read More

    Neal Bocian
  5. The tank is gorgeous!

    I visited the Phelps Science Center at Phillips Exeter Academy and was amazed at how well the coral has grown in. The tank is gorgeous! I thought it looked great when it was just finished but it is better now. Looks like the fish are doing well too, I saw many old friends still swimming around. Thanks for a great project! -Amy Bailey, AIA, Project Manager in the Facilities Department at Universit…Read More

    Amy Bailey
  6. Always willing to assist

    Warren is the consummate professional, thorough, detailed and handles it all in a friendly, open manner. Always willing to assist with any matter. -Mike Davenport, Facilities Manager at The Prairie School…Read More

    Mike Davenport
  7. Very good attention to detail

    Warren is one of the best suppliers of LSS and fish systems in the business. Very good attention to detail in everything that he does.…Read More

    David L. Manwarren Corp
  8. Pleasure to Work With

    Warren and I were colleagues and worked together at the New England Aquarium. When he left to start Gibbons Aquaria, I was pleased to work FOR him as well. Warren has a strong vision for his company, dedication to his customers, and is a pleasure to work with and for. His company provides the highest quality displays and service. -Tania Taranovski, Director of Programs & Operations at Anderson…Read More

    Tania Taranovski
  9. Reputable Aquarium Consultants!

    I first hired Warren to help me set up a substantial number of jellyfish kreisels for the opening of the Newport Aquarium (Newport, Kentucky). I knew of Warren’s work from my time at the National Aquarium in Baltimore, where he helped us set up our very successful Phantoms of the Deep jellyfish exhibit. Many still consider it the best exhibit we ever had. I asked him to not only help me set them…Read More

    Juan Sabalones