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Owner of Gibbons Aquaria

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWarren’s passion for aquariums started as a kid with an obsession for bass fishing with his Dad, which quickly expanded to every and any type of fishing, to whitewater kayaking, and scuba diving.  Any opportunity to be on the water or near the water or even in the water was what he loved.  After spending the first 15 years out of college working different jobs in fisheries biology, aquaculture, and fisheries management, he found his calling in aquariums.  At first it was managing the Jellyfish Breeding Lab and jellyfish exhibits in the role of aquarist at The New England Aquarium.  He then he began his aquarium service business in 1994, where he discovered an opportunity to show clients what was possible in the realm of custom saltwater aquariums. At first it was more of a hobby, but his passion for custom aquarium installation and service grew into a full-time business that continues to this day.

Warren’s other passion is coaching and mentoring young adults. As Curator at the Ocean Explorium, Warren came alive working with high school and college-aged volunteers and staff, coaching and mentoring them as they learned to help with aquarium service. But his favorite group were the so-called “at-risk” kids (ages 17-22) in a special internship program where they worked on the exhibit floor helping the aquarium staff maintain the aquarium exhibits and feed the fish and helping the educators with visitors and school groups.  No one was expecting much of them…let alone that they would be amazing, or contribute anything, or make a difference…but Warren did.  After just four weeks they went from “what did I get myself into,” “don’t look at me,” and “don’t talk to me” to “How can I make a difference?” and “Is it okay if we come in early tomorrow?”  Warren had discovered a secret recipe and a passion for helping young adults show up, open up, and learn how to work, how to be managed and be useful, to make a contribution, be accountable, have integrity, develop the habit of gratitude and even do public speaking.  Yes…public speaking.

These kids came from poverty — some were in gangs, some were pregnant or had kids of their own, some had parents in prison, who had plenty to be angry about — were at an internship program at a public aquarium teaching the public about environmental science…AND THEY LOVED IT!

Warren continues his passion for this work and the need to expand such programs, and is a volunteer in the Mentoring Program at the Nativity Prep School for Boys in New Bedford, MA


Installation & Service Technician

Glenn’s passion for reef aquariums is evident in everything he does for us, and keeps his finger on the pulse of the reef aquarium industry which is always changing.  Glenn helps care for our clients’ aquariums with meticulous detail, as well as aquarium installation.  He also has great skills in glass aquarium fabrication with a background as a glazier.