A show-stopping aquarium design and installation will only remain that way for the long term with ongoing and consistent maintenance. We ensure a smooth transition from installation to aquarium maintenance with our team of professionals who stay ahead of the game with our preventative maintenance program. All you have to do is enjoy your tank and feed the fish. Don’t worry — we show you how to do that too!


We service most aquariums on a weekly basis, but every aquarium is different and we can customize our aquarium service schedule so that it is convenient for you. A dedicated aquarist (the same person each time) will come to service your aquarium on the same day/time each week that is convenient for you.


Our emergency monitoring system alerts our team whenever there is an issue that could threaten the health of your aquarium, the animals, the equipment, or even your property. We are alerted within seconds when there is any such issue related to power failure, water/air temperature, flow rate, leaks, water levels, and even sounds. Thus we catch issues before they have a chance to create any negative consequences or real problems. We are on top of your aquarium so that you don’t have to be.


Consumable supplies, filter cartridges, food, fish, corals, water testing and even replacement parts for repairs. We provide everything your aquarium needs.


We guarantee our fish, corals, and other invertebrates (we call them livestock) for as long as you are our customer…period. Not for 2 weeks or 1 month or 2 months. Since we are the ones taking care of your aquarium, and managing the water chemistry and the filtration system, we feel that we should be responsible for any fish losses. Our clients love this. After all…this is why they hired us…to take care of the aquarium so that they don’t have to. What is the point of hiring someone to take care of your aquarium for you if they aren’t accountable for results? Doesn’t make any sense right? We feel the same way.

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