Our custom aquarium design and installation services deliver a complete turn-key aquarium solution, from concept to completion.  We’ll listen to you and help you plan your dream, whether it’s a large glass aquarium or a custom cylinder aquarium. We coordinate the installation of your designer aquarium with your contractors (architect/GC/electrician/plumber/finish carpenter).  And when the installation is completed, we take care of it for you with the best aquarium maintenance around.  Our customers want a unique and show-stopping aquarium that simply works and looks amazing all the time.  All you have to do is enjoy it!



We are very familiar with the wide range of issues that can arise with aquariums, such as a leak or a failed pump or power failure, etc..  We’ve seen every problem out there.  So we build preventative features into every installation that preempt problems from occurring in the first place. Proper planning can reduce aquarium maintenance.

If something still manages to go wrong, we are prepared with redundant failsafes built in so that it does not result in fish losses or damage to the aquarium’s filtration equipment. Of course, water damage to your property simply can’t be an option, and that’s why we can locate the aquarium’s filtration system in a dedicated room with ventilation, waterproof floors/walls, floor drains, and a sink.

On top of all that, our remote monitoring system alerts us within seconds of any issue that arises, so we can respond and handle it right away. This preventative aquarium service helps ensure long-term success for our customers by providing a stable environment for your aquarium’s inhabitants, all while protecting your investment in your saltwater tank.

If you’re ready to get a custom aquarium installed by the best, contact the aquarium builders who can take care of it all: Gibbons Aquaria!

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