We’ve spent the previous few blogs detailing the many reasons that office buildings, schools, and medical offices like to impress with custom saltwater aquariums. But today we’re going to go over the reasons why many restaurants, often seafood restaurants, enjoy having a large aquarium to greet their guests.

Bring The Outside In

When you think about the foods that you eat, you don’t tend to want to be close to their brethren when you take your first bite. You don’t want to be surrounded by cows when you eat a steak, or have the pigs running around when you eat a BLT.

But aquariums are something different altogether; they’re a great way to bring the outdoors inside in a safe and sanitary manner, creating a connection in the mind of a customer that makes your seafood restaurant more authentic than others. People want fresh seafood, and there’s nothing more fresh than seeing fish alive! (All you have to do is make that connection…it certainly doesn’t mean you have to feed them from the tank like it’s a lobster tank.)

Entertain the Guests

Not everyone comes into a restaurant with a list of stuff they’re going to talk about with their companion. Sometimes people run out of things to say, whether they’re on their first date or their hundredth. And if they subscribe to the idea that it’s rude to bring out a cell phone at a meal, they’re going to want something interesting to look at.

How about a designer aquarium? It’s a great way to distract people from the amount of time it takes to bring their food or their check, making your restaurant not only more interesting but also seem faster with the service. And speaking of them being a good distraction…

Kids Love Them

No matter how old a child is, they all seem to love aquariums. There’s always something for them to see, whether they’re following a single fish around the tank or trying to find the ones that are hidden. Parents love aquariums because it’s a great way to distract the kids when they get bored waiting for the food. It’s always a way to make use of a kid’s ability to request a restaurant; if they’re talking about “that place with the fish tank,” parents are thinking about returning more often.

Sometimes People Just Expect It

Like it or not, sometimes it seems that restaurants just don’t have a choice about whether or not they hire an aquarium builder, because the public just seems to expect to see it when they walk in the door. This is certainly true of seafood restaurants. It’s also true of many Asian restaurants, even though it might not serve any fish! We’re not sure how this happened, but for some reason an Asian restaurant seems to benefit most from aquarium installation.

People enjoy aquariums, and they certainly want it to remain as clean as possible so that they can enjoy it while eating their meal. Check out a few examples of the custom saltwater aquariums we’ve installed and then give Gibbons Aquaria a call.