In previous blogs we’d discussed the many reasons that various buildings might go for a built-in aquarium. For instance, hospitals are having designer aquariums built so that patients are distracted from the medical procedures about to take place, and the sounds also act as a calming agent. Business buildings use them a power move, showing off the amazing reef system that they’ve brought into their space. Seafood restaurants love them because it’s the world’s most amazing decoration for that kind of business.

But not all of the large aquariums we install are going into business buildings. We are happy to report that more and more schools across the country are discovering the benefits of having a custom aquarium in their building. What benefits have they seen from inviting the creatures of the sea into the school? Let’s take a look.

It’s Educational

Perhaps the most obvious reason that schools are having built-in aquariums installed is that they’re educational. Because it’s a saltwater aquarium, the glass aquariums we install are so much more than just a filter and a few fake plants. We install entire ecosystems, including coral, sponges, shrimp, and an amazing variety of fish.

The students get to see how fish act in the most natural indoor environment possible (minus the predators, for obvious reasons!). They’ll get a close-up view of the different ways the animals eat, how they move, and how they interact with everything else in the tank. They’ll also see what an important part the ecosystem the coral can be, as it provides shelter for some of the more shy species. Of course, the educational aspect of it will bolster some students’ curiosity, which lead us to the next point…

It’s Inspiring

As students explore the underwater wonders in their own hallways, it’s going to lead to interest and curiosity. That’s important, because, as we talk about below, we need more of the next generation interested in protecting the ocean and the creatures that live in it.

Each student is likely to have his or her own favorite fish, shrimp, or other critter working its way around the tank, and they’ll want to learn more. It’s likely that they’ll want to report on the creature in question, which will inspire them to learn more and more about what’s under the waves. Of course, it’s not just the student who will enjoy having a designer aquarium around…

It Leads To Special Curricula

Students aren’t the only ones who benefit from having a built-in aquarium around. Teachers will also realize the benefits of having such a beautiful saltwater vessel in the school.

As we say on our school portfolio page regarding one of our educational customers, “The school has incorporated the aquarium into their curriculums for science, art, math, physics and even literature.”

It’s pretty easy to see how science can be affected by having a saltwater aquarium on the premises. But it’s these other aspects — drawing fish in art class, studying wave motions for physics classes, and writing stories about the lives of the fish for literature and writing classes — that really drive the point home about the benefits of having an aquarium in, or as, a classroom.

It’s Galvanizing

Our oceans are changing, and not in a good way. Overfishing, acidification, and other forms of pollution are leading to the destruction of fish habitats. It’s also destroying our coral reefs, a vital part of the oceans. If students are educated and inspired by what they see in their school’s custom aquarium tank, they’re more likely to take action for the environment in order to protect the creatures of the ocean, some of which they watched every day in the tank.

It’s Distracting…Yes, In Both Ways

If there’s a single negative associated with having a custom-built aquarium in a school, it’s that one can be distracting to the students. Some students will have hard time tearing themselves away from the tank even after the bell has rung. And there’s no doubt that a first-grade teacher has misplaced a few seven-year-olds due to the enticing shapes and colors of our aquariums!

But it’s also distracting in a good way. If a student has had a bad day, they can simply head to the aquarium. That’s because…

It’s Calming

Even young children can get stressed out. While we might look at their lives and be envious of their lack of problems, they still experience difficulties at home and at school. An aquarium can have an amazing calming effect on students: the churning of the water, the sound of the pumps, the fluid motion and repetitive nature of the fish. All of these come together to form an oasis that will certainly become a place where students want to be.

It Makes an Impact On Potential Students and Their Parents

For this final reason you might want to get a designer aquarium, we’re going to talk to your practical side. And that practical side of you says that you have to have enough students enrolled in your private school in order to stay open. An aquarium can certainly play a role in enticing students and their parents.

First of all, it draws the kids in. No matter what else a private school in the Boston area offers, your school will be the one with the aquarium. It grabs a touring student’s attention, it sparks their imagination, and it becomes the thing that lodges in their skull and begs their parents to let them come to your school.

Parents are similarly impressed, because nearly everyone on the planet enjoys taking a look at the wonders of a saltwater tank. But they’re also impressed in much the same way as when they walk into a business that has a built-in tank…it’s a way to show off the flashiness of the school, and, much as we talked about when it comes to business architecture, it’s a power move that won’t be forgotten.

Here at Gibbon Aquaria, we love building glass aquariums for schools, because we know we’re helping to create the next generation of people who will care for the oceans. We can create a saltwater aquarium that stands up the rigors of a school, all the while making it beautiful and enticing. Oh, and don’t forget that Gibbons is also available for aquarium maintenance, ensuring that the tank stays clean, the fish stay healthy, and everything is in proper working order.

If your school is in need of an aquarium, whether the facility is just about to be built or has been running for decades, we can build one that works perfectly in the space provided. Contact us today!