For some people who take care of their own aquarium maintenance and who view their aquarium as their full-time hobby, buying a large aquarium isn’t really a big deal to them. They’ll do hundreds of hours of research, pick the perfect one for their space, install it, and take care of it every single day to ensure that their fish don’t die.

We’re not saying that’s a bad thing, because everyone needs a hobby. But we can say that it’s not the interest of most of our customers to have to do their own aquarium maintenance. And they’re really not that interested in spending night after night on the internet trying to assemble the right collection of aquarium equipment. Most people just want everything to be as simple as possible. Here’s why custom aquarium design is so important.

Custom Design Fits the Environment

The problem with most do-it-yourself saltwater aquariums is that they are made to look good in as many different homes as possible. Sure, they end up looking okay, but they were never specifically made to fit into a specific home. This means that most people who buy these aquariums end up with basic box aquariums that really draw attention to themselves…and not in a good way! The aquarium doesn’t quite fit the space, the wiring is all hanging down behind it, and extension cords might be snaking across the room just to find enough power for all of the electrical components.

It’s different when you go with a custom aquarium tank from Gibbons Aquaria. For new home builds or renovations, we’ll work with your contractors and carpenters to ensure that the aquariums gets the right kind of attention. And when it comes to less-intensive saltwater aquarium installs, we’ll still make them look like they’re part of a room, not some afterthought.

We Know The Equipment

As professional aquarium installers, we deal with aquariums absolutely every day. We design them in our heads when we daydream. We know what equipment works well together, what’s needed and what’s not, and the electrical necessities to get a large aquarium up and running.

You won’t be surprised to know that we’re also big researchers. We’re always looking for that latest piece of equipment that will filter better or give our customers a better light show. We know what’s coming out and how it might replace current models.

Of course, not every aquarium is right for every fish. We have to know what type of equipment is right with the livestock in a tank, and that that brings us to the fact that…

We Know The Livestock

It’s not just the size of the fish that determines what a fish tank needs. It’s also determined by the types of fish you’re most interested in, the amount of coral, the species of anemones, and all of the other livestock that will be available.

The fact is, we’ve been doing this for so long that we know what types of animals go together and which ones don’t. We understand their habits and how they fit into the puzzle that a saltwater ecosystem is.

We Install The Right Monitoring Equipment

There’s a lot of equipment necessary to keep a saltwater tank going. Pumps, filters, lighting, and more all go together to keep the fish alive and active.

But as good as any piece of equipment is, something will eventually break down. And when it does, it could affect the livestock negatively. It could also cause damage to the house, which you might not be aware of without the proper monitoring equipment. We install electronics that will let us know immediately if something goes wrong, saving both the fish and your floor from water damage. This is especially useful if you’re away from the house; we can have the problem fixed before you even know something is wrong.

At Gibbons Aquaria, we appreciate those who want to perform their own saltwater aquarium maintenance. But most people simply want to enjoy their aquarium and don’t want to deal with the considerable upkeep. We’ll build you a custom saltwater aquarium and take care of it. Ready to get the process started? Contact us today!