OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe’d like to thank for you for stopping by the new website for Gibbons Aquaria, Inc. Pretty impressive, isn’t it? We’ve redesigned it to highlight the work we’ve done over the years, and to help you learn about the unique process involved in bringing these amazing exhibits to life. We’re proud of our accomplishments in the world of custom-built aquariums for homes and business as well as consulting for major public aquariums.

At Gibbons Aquaria, we would love to help you design your dream aquarium. But we don’t stop there. We install it for you and then we take care of it for you, to ensure that it stays vibrant for years to come. Let’s take a look at how GAI can help you keep and maintain the ultimate designer aquarium in your home or business.

Aquarium Design

After you contact us, we’ll talk to you about what you’re looking for in an aquarium. For some, that means a business tool to entertain customers while they wait.  And for others it might be an architectural design element in their home that feeds their passion for the ocean.  We want to know what’s most important to you, as well as concessions you might make if budget becomes an issue. We’ll also take a look at the space the aquarium is planned for, whether it’s new construction, a preexisting building, CAD designs for remodeling, a room that currently exists only in blueprint form, or in some cases an existing aquarium that’s in need of a makeover.

Aquarium Installation

Gibbons Aquaria has extensive experience working with builders, electricians, general contractors, and plumbers in order to make sure you get everything you want out of your aquarium. We’ll let you know the best, easiest, and worst possible places to put your aquarium’s filtration system and related mechanical components. We’ll coordinate with your structural engineer to let you know if the aquarium will be too heavy for existing flooring and if you’ll need to make reinforcements. We can also suggest how you might hide the equipment so that your aquarium can be larger and even more breathtaking.


The design of your aquarium might be partially determined by the type of livestock you’re most interested in. Are you interested in fish only? How much do you like coral? Are you a fish person, or would you rather see corals and anemones? (how about both?) We’ll make sure you get the creatures that will do best in your aquarium and, most importantly, are compatible with each other.  And don’t worry if you have no idea which fish, corals and invertebrates you want.  In fact, most clients prefer to leave it to us to stock the tank with a diverse selection of dazzling colorful fish, anemones and corals swaying in the current, or even cleaner shrimp, starfish, hermit crabs and more!  Most of the living reef aquariums we do have over 15 species of fishes and more than 50 different kinds of corals, anemones, and other invertebrates.

Aquarium Maintenance Service

Once we handle your aquarium design and installation, we’re not just going to leave you in the lurch. After all, we’ve put a lot of work into your custom aquarium and certainly don’t want to see the fish die or have it fall into disrepair. That’s why we offer the best aquarium maintenance service around, keeping your water clean, and managing your tank’s water quality parameters for your livestock. We’ll also replace the livestock as necessary to keep your aquarium thriving, as part of our Livestock Guarantee.

Aquarium Renovation

Does your aquarium need a makeover?  If you have an aquarium that has fallen into disrepair, or you feel your tank was just never setup properly in the first place, you have options.  1) We can renovate your aquarium with new filtration components or rebuild its aquascaping, or 2) you could start from scratch with new aquarium installation. Simply contact us with your questions and we’ll help you determine what’s best for your situation.

We’ve been building custom-built aquariums in Boston and around the country for more than 20 years, and we plan to be around and doing this for decades to come. It’s our passion, and we’d like to share it with you.