One of our favorite parts about creating custom aquariums is the variety we get to experience. We work with people from all walks of life in order to create their aquarium design, and then get to work with the most fascinating fish, corals, anemones, and invertebrates on the planet!

We also experience a great deal of variety in the types of locations at which we perform our aquarium maintenance and installation. Each of these locations use their aquariums in different ways, and that’s why a custom designer aquarium is necessary in each. Let’s take a quick look at the different types of customers we’ve been aquarium builders for.

side-page-content-imageMedical Offices

For many of us, hospitals and doctors’ offices (and especially dentists’ offices) will always be associated with fish tanks. For those of us who grew up in the 1980’s or before, it was usually a 10 or 20 gallon tank, and the same fish never seemed to be in there twice! Many of those tanks would be seen as being sub-par today, and that’s why custom aquarium installation has increased considerably in waiting rooms.

Having a custom glass aquarium installed has many benefits. Patients in a waiting room are often nervous, and the sights and sounds of an aquarium can calm them down. Fish tanks are also an excellent way to distract children, whether the children are the patients or are accompanying mom and dad. We make sure our aquariums are built with thick enough glass or acrylic to endure the inquisitive children tapping on the tank.


Because of our interest in education, schools are one of our favorite venues in which to install a custom saltwater aquarium. We love knowing that what we leave behind (and the weekly aquarium maintenance we perform) is helping young minds grow.  Not only are saltwater aquariums a powerful teaching tool for applied learning, but also for increasing enrollment and special events to show off the school’s science curriculum to visiting candidates. These living marine ecosystems also have a wonderful calming effect on students, connecting them to the natural world!

Corporate Offices

A custom built aquarium in your corporate office makes an excellent focal point for entrances and lobbies, impressing potential clients, employees, and partners. When people are waiting, it also gives people something to do other than check their cell phones!

The custom built aquariums we install can be functional as well as decorative, in that they can work as partitions between different parts of the office. Large aquariums allow light through while still providing open floor plan offices to keep their open space.


Restaurants are another popular location in which you’ll find custom aquariums. While you might not want to eat a steak in the middle of a field, there’s something about watching fish while you’re at a seafood restaurant!

A restaurant aquarium is a great way to entertain guests while they wait on their food or their check. Parents also love fish tanks because it gives the kids something unique to do during their non-eating time. In addition, restaurants benefit because kids will request to go to “that place with all the fish”!


We’ve installed quite a few aquariums in homes over the years. Some people live to go diving or snorkeling and want to have their own little piece of the ocean in their homes. We’re more than happy to bring it to them!

Gibbons Aquaria makes the most amazing custom built aquariums around. No matter what type of business, school, or home you have, we’re ready to deliver incredible aquarium design, Contact us today!