In our most recent post we detailed some of the most important reasons it’s necessary to have 24/7 monitoring of your custom aquarium. After all, there are so many reasons you’d never notice that something is wrong with it, including being out of town or simply being asleep. Delayed response to a problem means that you could suffer even worse repairs that are a danger to your livestock. Now that you know how you can miss out on a broken aquarium, let’s take a detailed look at why you should go with aquarium maintenance that offers constant monitoring.


It Protects Your Livestock

One great aspect to 24-hour monitoring is that it protects the live animals that you’ve invited into your home. Do you know why we got into this business? Because we’re fascinated with aquariums and love sealife. Fish will die from time to time, but we certainly don’t want to see an entire aquarium’s livestock be lost. We want your aquarium protected because we don’t want to see your sealife suffer and die any more than you do.

While your aquariums won’t include the “joys” of picking up your dog’s poop or scooping your cat’s litter box, most of our customers think of their livestock as pets. Some fish will exhibit behavior that is unique to the individual, and we would be surprised if you have a single specimen of fish that becomes your favorite. While you might not be able to pet it, you’ll certainly become at least a little attached.

It Can Save Your Equipment

Think of your car. When that check engine light comes on, you’d better stop and pull over right away. Pull over and you might just have a $300 repair. Keep driving on it and you might have to replace the entire engine.

Now think about your aquarium. Some parts of your hardware rely on others, and when something goes wrong with one piece of equipment, it can lead to the breakdown of others. That’s why you want us to get that call telling us when something small goes wrong so that the larger, more expensive equipment can be protected.

Your Floors

If your tank is losing water, we’ll know about it. We’ll also be informed if anything goes wrong with your pump, like if it’s spilling water all over your floors. Finding the problem quickly can save you many thousands of dollars in home repairs, including future problems like mold that can occur after water gets into carpets and baseboards.

Monitoring your tank is a crucial part of your aquarium maintenance, and we’re ready to handle it all day, every day. It can not only save you hefty repairs to your saltwater aquarium and your home, but it will also protect the fish that you’ll come to love, and, no doubt, name! Whether you’re looking for designer aquarium installation with a state-of-the-art monitoring system, or if you’re looking for a new warning system to be installed in your current saltwater tank, give Gibbons Aquaria a call!