In our previous blogs we’ve told you all about the many reasons that people might be interested in having a custom saltwater aquarium in their business. Restaurants love them because they create atmosphere and entertain the kids while the foods get there. Dentists’ and doctors’ offices love them because they’re really good at distracting people who might be nervous about an appointment. Corporations like them because they’re a great way of showing off to potential clients and anyone else who steps through their doors.

But who are our other customers? Why are they paying a good amount of money for their custom aquarium to have fish swimming around in their home, and to have regular aquarium maintenance performed? Let’s take a look.


We truly understand divers and their interest in the ocean. We love diving too, and if we could live under the ocean in some sort of James Bond villain lair, we probably would. The clear waters, the interesting animals, the coral, the constant motion, the soothing sounds. We get it.

Whenever we dive, we don’t want to stop. Of course, we also wish that we could bring all that beauty and wonder home. So while we can’t live on the ocean floor, a custom-built aquarium is an excellent way to bring the ocean inside so that those soothing and amazing colors become part of our daily lives.


Head to any pet store and you can get a glass or acrylic tank. These are almost always freshwater tanks, and people tend to love them and get pretty good at taking care of the fish within.

After a while though, the limited amount of fish available for freshwater tanks gets kind of boring, so they move on to saltwater tanks. Unfortunately, after losing lots of (often expensive) fish to the process, they start to realize that keeping a saltwater tank is hard. Very hard. And yet they’re hooked on the amazing variety of fish, coral, shrimp, and anemones that you just can’t get with a freshwater tank.

So if they can’t go back to freshwater, but they love the saltwater creatures, what is there to do? A custom saltwater tank is often the answer, because they not only get something beautiful with all of the hardware included, they’ll also get constant monitoring and aquarium maintenance so that they don’t have to worry about a thing. They can get back to loving their fish again (without killing them constantly).

Casual interest

You know what, not everyone who gets one of our designer aquarium installed loves diving or has any great interest in keeping fish. Some people just want one because, hey, why not? They’re either building a new house or renovating their existing one, and the saltwater tank they saw in a friend’s house looked neat. Just about everyone thinks aquariums are interesting, and the aquarium gives the guests something nice to look at when they enter the front foyer. These customers have the financial means, so why not put in a nice saltwater aquarium to look at instead of having another television in the kitchen? Cylinder aquariums are like really big lava lamps! And speaking of lava lamps…


If you’re not familiar with the term, it’s a combination of “trust fund” and “Rastafarian.” It’s a sometimes-embraced, sometimes-derogatory term for a young person who has a lot of money yet chooses to absorb other cultures while spending their money on items that will get them closer to nature.

In other words, rich and modern hippies. And hey, we’re good with that, because, as usual, we’re happy to have customers, and we’re happy to make people happy! Bringing nature inside is what we do, and not everyone should have to be a diver in order to appreciate the glories of our custom aquariums.

The fact is, no matter who contacts us wondering about our built-in aquariums, we’re more than happy to talk to them. Whether their interest is in having something they saw on a diving trip, something they once had but couldn’t keep alive, or something they saw on Discovery Channel that just looked cool, we’d love to talk aquariums with them. Every aquarium can spark an appreciation for nature in whoever sees it, and we want to get as many of them out there as possible.