In our previous blogs we’ve been discussing our most common customers and why they are so interested in having custom aquariums in their homes. Medical offices, for instance, use aquariums to calm and distract their patients during waiting room visits. Corporate offices have designer aquariums built because it makes their office space more unique and can impress partners and new hires alike. Schools have custom saltwater aquariums built as a teaching tool and as a great way keep kids interested in environmental issues. And most recently we discussed why restaurants have large aquariums installed; sometimes their customers just expect them to be there.

But those are all aquariums that the general public might come across. What about the private aquariums that few people ever see, those that are in homes across the Boston area (and well beyond)? Why would someone be interested in having an aquarium in their home? Let’s take a look at the myriad of reasons that we build home aquariums and keep them maintained for your Massachusetts neighbors.

The Love of the Ocean

The most common reason that people have custom saltwater aquariums installed in their homes is that they love the ocean. Most of the time they are avid scuba divers or snorkelers who just don’t live close enough to the ocean to go all the time, or live near a part of the ocean that doesn’t give them the type of underwater action that they want.

For these people, the next best thing to diving is to have the ocean brought to them. Now they can satisfy their curiosity about the lives of fish each and every day, even if they can’t get to their preferred ocean more than a couple of times a year.

Fish Are Quiet

This might sound like a simple reason, but for some people the fact that fish don’t bark is a good enough reason to choose them over a dog! For those people who use reel mowers instead of a gas-powered one and drive an electric car instead of an obnoxiously-loud one with a hole in the muffler, an aquarium is a great option in low-noise pets. Dogs bark at nothing, cats meow to mimic a baby’s cry, hamsters are nocturnal and make noises on their wheels all night. Fish, on the other hand, actually bring their own white noise with them. Which leads us to…

The Calming Sounds

Most people are soothed by the sounds of moving water. People will pay millions for oceanfront property just so that they can be near the crashing waves. Other times they’ll purchase a sound machine in order to hear a babbling brook. There are hundreds of YouTube videos dedicated to the sounds of water!

So there’s no doubt that many people enjoy the sounds that are associated with a home aquarium. Most often that sound is from the pumps or filtration equipment, but in some larger aquariums it can be from the movement of the water in the tank itself. Once the aquarium is installed, the sound of it simply becomes a part of the homes soundscape, and to have it taken away can be very disconcerting indeed!

The Calming Sights

According to a recent study, simply watching an aquarium can provide such a calming effect on people that blood pressure and heart rate are reduced to a healthier level. It makes sense, considering that most fish move in a very calm, fluid motion. (We don’t put predators in with our fish, so it’s not as likely that they’ll be darting around quite as much.) The lights of an aquarium can also help to calm people, and a custom aquarium builder will be more than happy to talk with you about the type of lights that would work best in your home. After all, the light isn’t just affecting the fish and the coral that’s in your home; it’s also being manipulated by the water itself to create calming patterns throughout the aquarium.

It’s a Home Educational Tool

We don’t have to tell you that kids love aquariums. They love watching the interactions of all of the different types of sea life that we include, whether it’s a shrimp that helps clean the tank or an anemone that never stops moving. Parents who want to stimulate their child’s curiosity will always have the aquarium around so that they can all learn about the ocean together.

It Fosters an Interest in the Environment

Of course, the education that the kids get from a custom home aquarium isn’t just about developing their brains. It’s also about helping them develop an interest in the environment. That’s certainly important for many parents, but it’s even more important for the kids themselves and the planet they’ll inherit. By having an aquarium in the home, it’s teaching them to take care of the oceans at a personal level so that they can appreciate it more at a much grander level in the future.

There’s Such Variety In An Aquarium

When you get a dog, you get a dog. Maybe you get two, or three. But when it comes to aquariums, the variety is simply astounding. (There are around 20,000 species in the ocean, by the way, but of course we don’t supply them all. No Great White Sharks available!) The variety is so great because you’re not just dealing with fish. There are also coral, shrimp, plants, anemones, and many other types of life that will be taken care of with your aquarium maintenance. Speaking of which…

They’re Kind of Pets, But…

There’s no doubt that you’ll become a bit attached to the fish we supply. People will tell us that “the blue one” is their favorite, or that they can’t stop watching the cleaner shrimp. But while you’ll be a bit sad when one dies, it’s unlikely that you’ll form an emotional attachment to a fish like you might to a furry friend who sits next to you as you watch TV. Oh, and since we handle the weekly saltwater aquarium maintenance, you don’t have to clean up after them. You don’t have to take fish for walks, and they won’t tear up the couch because of their separation anxiety!

As you can see, sometimes the reasons people have custom-built saltwater aquariums installed in their homes match those of doctor’s offices, businesses, restaurants, and schools, while other times the reasons are unique to the home. The fact is, more and more homes are having tanks, even cylinder aquariums, installed so that the above advantages can be enjoyed. If you’re interested in a designer aquarium and top-tier aquarium maintenance, be sure to contact Gibbon Aquaria so that we can get the conversation started about what kind of sea life you’d like to invite into your home.