After spending the first 15 years out of college working different jobs in fisheries biology, aquaculture, fisheries management, I found my calling in aquariums.  At first it was managing the Jellyfish Breeding Lab and jellyfish exhibits in the role of aquarist at The New England Aquarium. And then I began my own business in 1994, where I discovered an opportunity to show clients what was possible in the realm of custom saltwater aquariums, specifically living coral reef ecosystems (in the New England area at first, then later nationally). In the beginning, it was all about just making a great product and creating happy customers with designer aquaria and aquarium maintenance.  And as the years went by the focus grew into making a great business too…one with passion and vision.


Coral Reef - Giant Clam

We create a culture where employees are passionate about what we do; grateful, generous, trusted and relied upon, growing professionally, proud of where they work, respected, happy, and so fulfilled that they would never even dream of leaving the company. (And if they were ever to leave, we hope they would miss us and speak highly of us to others.)  This employee culture of aquarium builders attracts and serves our customers, who in turn are happy, satisfied and grateful and so appreciative of how we serve them, that they too would never even dream of leaving. (And, once again, if they were to leave, we hope they would miss us and speak highly of us to others.)

We strive to be a business that is systems and recipe driven, that creates consistent results for our customers, profits for the owners and employees; where every aspect, process, and procedure of custom aquarium design and installation is captured in recipe form to empower employees to serve our customers beyond their expectations.  The result is a business that empowers its people to make a better life for themselves and others.

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