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Gibbons Aquaria has been approached by a number of restaurants across the country to help them design and install amazing custom aquariums. Having large glass aquariums can give restaurant patrons something fun to do while they wait for their food, and the calming nature of the tank can help them stick around and have dessert!

As a top-tier aquarium designer, Gibbons Aquaria is ready to help your restaurant or hotel lobby make the most of your space. Take a look at some of our examples below, then contact us to discuss your needs. We look forward to hearing from you!


900 Gallon Living Coral Reef

One of our first customers over 21 years ago, this restaurant owner wanted a unique way to entertain their guests while they wait. Gibbons Aquaria was contracted to renovate the entire system and take over weekly aquarium maintenance. One unique design element is the placement of chairs on the back side so guests can enjoy the aquarium up close while they dine. Another is the dueling wave machines that go off every two minutes, surging water into the aquarium. The filtration system is located remotely in its own closet.


700 Gallon Freshwater Flooded Amazon Rainforest

This custom aquarium was built as a room divider, separating the kids' room from the main restaurant. Families can sit at the tank on both sides and enjoy the fish while they dine. Gibbons Aquaria was contracted to renovate the entire system and take over aquarium maintenance.


1,500 Gallon Fish-only

This 6-foot diameter cylinder tank is designed to entertain customers while they wait for their food. It is particularly popular with families with little kids, who run straight for the tank, pointing and counting all the fish. The owner wanted to incorporate a theme using antiques from the old boardwalk in Revere, Massachusetts, where the restaurant first began.


550 Gallon Living Coral Reef

This is the 4th aquarium we have done for this customer. The aquarium is designed to entertain customers while they wait for their food, and was built into the condiment counter. The restaurant got a chance to hear from their regular customers just how important the aquarium was to their business, when it was offline for renovations. They would ask “When will the fish be back”, and some kids would even cry. When renovations were completed, customers voiced their elation. The aquarium had proven it is an important tool to bring customers back.


5 Aquarium Exhibits

Rainforest Cafe (of Landry’s Development) contracted Gibbons Aquaria to provide five aquarium exhibits for their San Antonio, Texas location along the famous River Walk. One of the exhibits was even suspended from the ceiling above a staircase, and could be viewed from underneath. Gibbons Aquaria’s installation team rose to meet the daily logistical challenges of renovating a historic building with a multitude of theming contractors all in a very small construction site. We are proud of the work we did - and most of all, our client was quite pleased with our work.

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There are fish tanks and then there are AQUARIUMS that are unforgettably unique and stunning ecosystems, teaming with life and a rainbow of color and movement. The best of what’s possible is what Gibbons Aquaria is all about. We design, build and maintain ecosystem aquariums of the caliber seen at public aquariums.