When most people hear custom aquarium design, the first thing they people think of is the size and shape of it. After that they might think about the shape of the landscape inside, the rocks and corals, as well as the fish that all have to interact and not harm each other. That’s aquarium design, right?

While both of those might be the most obvious parts that people see, aquarium design also includes the parts that keep it working. This includes pumps, skimmers. UV sterilizers, sumps, and perhaps dozens of other pieces of equipment that all have to work together to keep your livestock happy and healthy.

But what happens when one of those pieces wears out and breaks? What if it starts working at half capacity? Most important, will you be able to recognize the signs that something is wrong? Certainly it’s easy to tell when the main pump has stopped working, but a broken sterilizer can be hard to detect and lead to problems that could threaten the health of your tank.

maintenance-side-page-content-image-12-29-16To that end, a big part of our aquarium design and maintenance involves a monitoring system so that we can know as soon as something goes wrong. In fact, it calls us even if there’s a potential problem with your saltwater tank. Within 30 seconds we can see what’s wrong with your hardware and determine the severity of the problem, showing up at your door late at night if there’s danger of catastrophe.

Over the next two blogs we’re going to be taking a look at why you’ll want to go with all-day every-day aquarium monitoring. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of going with Gibbon Aquaria for your design.

You Don’t Have To Find the Issue

As we were saying up above, the most amazing part of having 24/7 monitoring through Gibbon’s is that it can catch a problem before you even know that it exists. Why might you miss the problems?

  • You might be asleep – There’s no way of knowing if something is wrong when your sleeping, and you certainly don’t want to wake up to dead livestock
  • You might be out of town – When you’re out of town, we’ll still be performing your weekly aquarium maintenance. So if something is wrong, our monitoring system will call us and we’ll get your aquarium fixed before you return.
  • You might simply be busy – Sometimes life is so hectic that you’re not paying attention to your aquarium. If you’re cooking dinner while helping your kids with homework, you’re probably not going to notice small changes in your aquarium.
  • It might be out of sight – Many pumps are hidden; pieces of equipment are hidden in separate rooms from the tank, or one floor below. If this is the case, you certainly won’t notice any leaks or failures until a great deal of damage has been done.

Those are just a few of the reasons you probably won’t notice a problem with your custom aquarium until it’s too late. Gibbons Aquaria can be alerted and fix the problem in a flash. Contact us today for the best in aquarium maintenance!