In our previous blog we gave you eight solid reasons why people like to have custom saltwater aquariums in their home. Among those were the calming sights and sounds they make, the fact that they can be used as an educational tooth for any kids in the house, and they’re perfect for people who love getting out in the ocean but just can’t seem to spend enough time there. Plus, the fish are like pets that you don’t even have to take care of (if you go with our aquarium maintenance service, that is).

But there was one reason that people want to have a custom aquarium built into their home that we thought required its own blog: it’s a status symbol.

Now we’re not judging. There’s nothing to be ashamed about if you went to a friend’s fancy home, saw that they had a designer aquarium, and thought that it would look good in the new home you’re building. It’s actually one of the most beautiful ways you can spend your money in your home. Here are a few thoughts on how custom aquarium tanks have become a symbol of wealth and opulence.

You’ve Brought Nature Indoors!

For the longest time, building a home was about keeping nature out. It started with the big animals, like bears and lions. Then we tried to keep out mice and rats. When that went well, we started doing whatever we could to keep out the ants and other insects.

But at some point the interior of our homes started becoming too sterile, so we brought back houseplants in order to surround ourselves with nature. But anyone can buy a house plant; not everyone can have a huge and impressive looking reef in their home. Status!

It’s Better Than a Tiger

Private ownership of large animals is one way to say “look at me, I’m one of the only people who can afford such creatures!” You don’t have to look any further than Mike Tyson, who purchased three Bengal tigers. The newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst even had his own private zooMost people of means today tend to keep their large animal purchases down to around zero (unless they have a Mastiff or St. Bernard, of course). Owning a zebra or a tiger is viewed by most people as silly at best and cruel at worst.

Custom saltwater aquariums, on the other hand, are a great way to keep animals in a safe environment that’s been perfectly made for them. In fact, the variety of species that you see, including fish, coral, anemones, and shrimp, is perfectly analogous to having a zoo in your home! Status!

It’s Not Freshwater

To tell the truth, just about anyone can keep a freshwater aquarium. For many freshwater fish, the biggest requirement is that the water has to be kept clean and chlorine-free, something that just about anyone can manage.

Saltwater tanks, on the other hand, take a master’s touch. And unless you’re a master at taking care of your own maintenance service, you’re going to have to hire someone to do so for you. And that means that you have the ability to pay to keep your reef looking great. Status!


So with the cost associated with saltwater aquarium maintenance and the initial custom aquarium design and installation, it’s pretty obvious that having an aquarium isn’t cheap. To have one and take care of it properly is a way to show that you are a person who not only enjoys nature and likes beautiful things, but that you are among those who can pay for the privilege of having such a status symbol in your home.

For most people who decide to have a custom aquarium installed in their home, it’s not an impulse purchase. They most likely also have some love of the ocean and have always wanted to bring the outdoors in. But if they can have that in their homes and show off a little at the same time, all the better! No matter what, you won’t have to worry about it when you get it installed by Gibbon Aquaria, because we’ll take care of it for you so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy. Check out our residential portfolio here!