In our most recent blog we discussed the many reasons that hospitals and other types of medical offices are investing in custom aquarium design. After all, aquariums are an excellent way of distracting nervous patients and their children, and the sights and sounds of a large aquarium can sooth anyone who really doesn’t want to be in the waiting room in the first place. On top of that, custom aquariums can present an air of extravagance that many hospitals crave.

When it comes to corporate offices, custom aquariums can have some similar purposes and others that are considerably different. Let’s take a look at why more and more office building are ordering custom glass aquariums for their new (or remodeled) spaces.

It Calms Employees

Here’s reason enough to commission a custom saltwater aquarium: employees love them! It will be especially enjoyed by any of your employees who love to go diving, because they’ll get to see the sea life on a daily basis when they’d usually have to wait for vacation time to interact with. Plus, your receptionists who sits near the aquarium will be calmest people in the company!

An aquarium greeting employees when they get to work is a great way start the day, and they’ll also be able to take their breaks and just spend some time letting their brains unwind from time with a glass aquarium.

A Custom Aquarium Entertains Everyone Who Drops By

Employees aren’t the only people you want to entertain and impress when they stop by. A custom built aquarium can also be great for:

  • Clients and Partners – You’ve spent a lot of money on your office building, and the custom touches you add to it can really impress clients and partners alike.
  • Customers – If customers are paying you for something, they often like to see where some that money is going. Reward them with awesome views of the ocean!
  • Potential Hires – Potential hires are as nervous as someone sitting in a hospital waiting room. Give them something to distract their mind before the interview and you’ll be able to more accurately discover their real personality.
  • Kids – When employees bring their kids in, the kids won’t always be interested in what your business does. But a huge aquarium is something they’ll never forget!

It Brings the Outdoors In

There will be rainy or snowy days when employees can’t get outside to take that walk and interact with nature. A custom built aquarium is an excellent way to bring nature into a building that might otherwise be cold and sterile. Certainly, it’s a good idea to have plants and other greenery around, but that’s as far as most businesses go with getting things “back to nature.”

A custom glass aquarium from Gibbons Aquaria is a great way to bring nature indoors even when the weather outside is frightful.

It Can Be Part of the Architecture

Custom aquariums can be useful to the building itself and the space you’re trying to create. If you’re looking for a way to separate spaces without having the office feel closed off, then an aquarium can be used as semi-see through wall. This will let in natural sunlight and can keep your office looking and feeling more open. But what if you want a custom built aquarium that’s the size of a wall? No problem. The larger the aquarium, the more it will fill up the space and entrance everyone who stops by.

When you’re looking to make the most of your space in your new office, Gibbons Aquaria can help. Contact us and we can talk about the aquarium you’ve been looking for!