At Gibbons Aquaria, we’re lucky to get to work with a wide range of people and businesses. They all have one thing in common: they want designer aquariums that will bring the wonders of the ocean inside.

While hobbyists might work for years to get their small acrylic aquarium just the way they want it, our customers would much rather have everything taken care of for them, including aquarium maintenance. The good thing is, the steps are easy when you work with custom aquarium builders like Gibbons. Here are the four basic steps we take when someone hires us to design their aquarium.

Consultation and Feasibility Study

What are you looking for in a custom aquarium? And even more important, is it even possible? Tell us exactly what you’re looking for and we’ll let you know what it would take to make your dream aquarium a reality. We’ll take a look at the space (or blueprints) and let you know what you’ll be needing to get the aquarium you want. Alternatively, we can also let you know how you might scale back the project in order to get it to fit in the available space.

Of course, price is also something to be taken into consideration. If you’re working with a budget first and foremost, we can let you know exactly what we can do for the money at hand. And let’s not forget timing. Most custom aquarium jobs take at least six months from start to finish. We’ll give you the best estimate for how long your vision might take.

Aquarium Design

Once we’ve discussed your vision and you have decided to move forward with the project, we’ll start the design process. If you are working with a general contractor to fit the aquarium into an existing space, we’ll work with them so that there aren’t any crossed wires (sometimes literally). If you’re space is being newly built, we’ll work with the necessary parties such as architects, plumbers, electricians, and interior designers, to make the aquarium installation go as smoothly as possible.


While we love designing aquariums, we’re not simply going to hand you the blueprints and bail! No, we’re going to take care of the installation as well, ensuring that every aspect of the installation is properly performed. We’ll be there for the installation of the glass and all of the aquarium equipment, all the way through the adding of livestock.


Just as we’d never hand you the blueprint and leave, we’re also not interested in filling your aquarium and then leaving it for someone else to take care of. Once the unit is in we’ll take care of all of the necessary aquarium maintenance. This includes feeding the fish, replacing any that die, and fixing equipment that might wear out or be damaged.

While all of the above might not be performed by the same person, Gibbons Aquaria will be with you from beginning to end to install your custom aquarium. Take a look at our designer aquariums here and then give us a call.